Natalia Gordienko




Natalia Gordienko was born on December 11, 1987 in Chisinau. Since her early childhood everybody was certain that Natalia would become an artist. At the early age of five she already held concerts for her close ones. In her school years she performed at various events leaving the audience in awe. When Natalia turned 10 she began to take part in the children's show "The Golden Key" on one of the most popular channels of the country.
Combining studies at school, dance classes and singing in the choir, for 7 years she had studied at Music School on a class of piano. Natalia’s days were planned by the minute, but this did not prevent her to achieve the desired result and succeed in everything she started. Tight schedule developed in her such qualities as determination, resourcefulness and desire to conquer new heights.
Having graduated from school, Natalia won admission to the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, at the Department of pop-jazz vocal. Before entering the academy, she has participated in many international competitions.
2009 is the year of successful and challenging experiments. In addition to such styles as POP Jazz, R’n’B and Ethno, Natalia tried her hand at dee-jaying in the project Star DJ, having taken the 1st place not without difficulty, as before the competition she had no experience in that. Today Natalia Gordienko is a singer who always develops her specialty: she is an Honoured Artist, a modern singer and a successful DJ Tasha.
Year 2010 makes a new big step for Natalia, launching her first solo album entitled “Time”.
In 2011 appears her second solo album ”Cununa de Flori”(“Wreath of Flowers”) with a collection of country national and traditional songs from the entire country performed in the entirely new musical arrangement.
2012 was a productive year as she launched her single “Бешеный” (“Wild”) with which she presents her first solo music video. Later that year, she changes her stage name and becomes Natalie Toma launching a featuring “O noua zi” (“A new day”) with one of the Romania’s top rap artists, CRBL. Within a week the music video for “O noua zi” gained over a million of views on YouTube and attracted great public and media interest. This year, Natalia is invited to become the jury member at the international TV-show “Fabrica de Staruri” (“Star Factory”) in Moldova. The TV show was broadcasted in Moldova and Romania.
On December 29, 2012 Natalia celebrates the 10th anniversary of her activity on the stage and organizes a great concert. In the concert show took part three Moldova’s best music orchestras: Alex Calancea Band, the legendary orchestra “Lautarii” conducted by the maestro Nicolae Botgros, and the National Symphonic Orchestra. More than 100 musicians simultaneously worked on the stage apart from the ballet dancers.
In 2014 after a long and productive collaboration with the renowned Ukrainian composer Andrey Timoshchik, Natalia releases her new sing “Красавчик” (“Hunk”). The single’s lyrics were written by Igor Tatarenko. The music video for “Красавчик” was directed by the top Ukrainian director Alexander Filatovich. The new single was a great success in the Ukrainian and Russian music markets.
2015 marks a new productive collaboration with the Romanian label FLY RECORDS and greatly intrigues the Romanian media and public. This year she had promo tours across the entire Romania and launched her single “Summertime” along with the music video which was styled and shot as a romantic movie.
In 2016 Natalia becomes the Director General of Russkoe Radio in Moldova. She continued her artist career actively collaborating with Romanian and Russian labels. Together with the international artist Mohombi she launched a music video for the song “Habibi” which was shot in Romania. At the end of the year she worked closely together with the Russian artist Irakliy Pirtskhalava and released one of the best song entitled “Близко” (“Close”).
In 2017 was released another track “Пьяная” (“Drunk”), the music and lyrics to which were written by Rita Dakota, a popular composer and singer. Soon will appear the music video where she was shot together with a popular Russian actor Aleksey Chadov.
Natalia Gordienko conquered a lot of stages including those in America, Europe, CIS and the Baltic States, but she is always moving forward because she has enough creativity, charm and talent to conquer the entire world.